Young Adults

The Young Adult Ministry is divided into two departments. Young Adult 1 is for couples in their 20's. Young Adult 2 is for couples in their 30's. The age range is just a guide and reflects the average age of those who attend the class. These are primarily co-ed classes made up of mostly married young adults. We also have classes for singles in their 30's and 40's. Furthermore, we have classes that are men only or ladies only.

Most of our classes are systematically studying their way through the Bible. However, we do have some classes that are built around a topic as well. Marriage, Parenting, and Finances are some of the topics that classes are studying. We also have classes for nearly-weds (engaged couples) and newly-weds (first marriages, under 3 years). In addition, we have classes for single dads and single moms and those who are married but don't have children yet.

A printed directory of classes is available at all Welcome Centers.

New Group Opportunities for 2014

On Sundays at 9:30 AM beginning February 2nd

First Steps Toward Marriage (9:30 am, Room B201) - this 8 session class is designed for young engaged couples or those seriously considering engagement for their first marriage. The successful completion of the class qualifies the couple for the pre-marital counseling discount on their marriage license. Taught by Wes & Jane Cantrell, the class explores biblical principles that are necessary to lay the foundation for a successful marriage.

Connections That Last (9:30 am, Room B204) - this 8 session class is designed for NewlyWeds (first marriage, 30 and under, married less than 3 years). Taught by members of our church's counseling department, James & Carol Eubanks and Bob & Jamie Mehaffey, the class will focus on building a godly marriage that will stand the test of time. Cost: $10 for purchase of book.

Raising Godly Children (9:30 am, Room B200) - This class is designed for young couples (under 35) who are either preparing to have children or who already have toddlers or infants. The class will be taught by veteran teachers Rick & Michael Ann Bellerjeau and focus on the biblical principles of raising children who will love God.

On Wednesdays at 6:30PM beginning February 5

Financial Peace University - led by Chris Lee, 9 Sessions, videos by Dave Ramsey, Cost of Kit: $100, W Building, Altar Counseling Suite, Room 2060B. This class is designed for those who want to manage their finances according to biblical principles.

Real Life Discipleship Training - led by Wes Cantrell, 12 Sessions, Cost of Workbook: $10, A Building, Room 161. This class is designed for people who want to learn how to disciple someone.

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Young Adult Pastor,

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Young Adult Ministry Secretary,