Preschool Parent Information

First Time Guest?

Our goal is to provide a fun, inviting, & safe place for your preschooler. Here are a few tips for your first visit with us:

  • The Preschool Department is located on the lower level of the W-Builidng (large round building off Hwy 92).
  • Arrive 20 minutes before the service begins if possible
  • Visitor Parking is available in front of the A-building
  • Preschool Valet is available to single parents (or to one parent coming by themselves with the children for a day)
  • Stop at the Preschool Welcome Desk for assistance in getting your child registered

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to meeting you!

Helpful Tips for Parents

  • Label all your child's belongings.
  • Pre-measure formula and water for bottles.
  • Realize we serve only saltines to older preschoolers along with bottles and juice cups to younger preschoolers.
  • Inform the teacher, staff, or welcome desk personnel of any allergy, medical, and/or security issues.
  • First time guests for any program are asked to stop at the Preschool Welcome Desk.
  • Note that Sunday morning rooms are assigned by birthdate and arrival time.
  • Our arrival doors are closed during brief periods of transition.
  • If you have any issues with our automated check-in system, please stop by the Welcome Desk.

For information on our Special Needs Ministry (called Thrive), please contact Monec Johnson.

Parent Handbook
Age Group Distinctions

*Please note: we no longer serve graham crackers to preschoolers.

Sickness, Accidents, Medications and Emergencies

FAQ's and Do/Don'ts

*Screening varies slightly from the date of this recording. Teachers, Imprinters, and other workers/volunteers should receive paperwork to fill out and policies to review upon signing up to serve in Preschool.
Quick Tips for Parents

Preschool Spiritual Disciple

Infants & Crawlers

Has a sense of trust and security

Feels that church is a “happy place”

Hears God and Jesus’ names spoken in love and begins to recognize them

Begins to make simple choices

Begins to see that there is acceptable/unacceptable behavior

Hears prayers; soothing, Christian music

Toddlers/Jr. 2’s

Begins to recognize why behavior is right or wrong behavior

Knows the Bible is a special book

Knows God and Jesus are special and thinks they are special

Sings simple Bible songs or rhythms

Says blessing

Listens to Bible stories

Understands basic Bible stories: God made the world; God gives us colors, etc.

Knows prayer is special and important

Offers thanks

Introduced to simple Bible truths: Be kind; God made everything, etc.

Sr. 2’s, 3’s, & 4’s

Identifies Bible characters; knows Bible stories are true

Begins to make simple personal application of the Bible truths at home, school, play, and church

Understands consequences of behavior (sin conscience)

Begins to accept responsibility for behavior and senses own spirituality separate from mom and dad

Begins to ask questions about spiritual matters and shows an eagerness to learn more spiritually

Begins to understand how to express love to God/Jesus (worship)

Begins to personalize and participate in prayer and understands that God hears it & answers it in some form.

Demonstrates respect for God, Jesus, Bible, church, worship, etc., and shows a desire to please God.

Begins to memorize simple parts of Scripture

Understands simple ways to serve God