Premarital Counseling

Services offered to engaged couples:
9:30 AM // Room B211
Fall 2016 Session Begins on September 11th

This is an 8 week Sunday Class for young couples who are engaged or considering engagement. The course will help prepare for the challenge of experiencing a godly, healthy marriage in an anti-marriage culture. Couples will be eligible for a discount on their marriage license upon completion of several sessions according to Georgia State law. In many cases the class will meet the premarital counseling requirements at FBCW. Nearlywed is designed for young couples who are preparing for their first marriage. Call 678.494.2647 for more information, email

Also, one-on-one premarital counseling is available with with a professional counselor from the FBCW counseling ministry (based on schedule availability). Scheduling preference is given to FBCW members.

Premarital counseling takes approximately 8-10 sessions (2-3 months) to complete; therefore, please contact the counseling office at least four months before your wedding to inquire about premarital counseling. You can reach the counseling office at 770-591-4770 for more information, or to receive our intake forms and premarital questionnaire.

If you are interested in hosting your wedding on our campus, download the Premarital Checklist. It's a comprehensive guide letting you know what our process looks like.

Please Note: FBCW reserves the right to remove a wedding date from the church calendar if a couple does not successfully complete their premarital counseling /preparation and/or fails to obtain a final release from the Director of Premarital Counseling.


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