Church Planting

OUR PURPOSE is to facilitate the development of strong, healthy, reproducing church plants utilizing the strength and expertise of FBCW and other partners.

OUR MISSION is to impact the Kingdom of God by serving the underserved through the establishment of strong, healthy, reproducing churches in areas where the evangelical witness is not strong.

We have church plants in Georgia, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Arizona, Nevada, Kentucky, New York, Colorado, and Paris, France.

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2017 Schedule

Level 100: Strength or Survival

March 13-15 | Woodstock, GA | First Baptist Woodstock
October 17-19 | Toronto, Ontario
TBD | Allentown, PA
TBD | Madison, WI

Level 200: Issues That Can Sink Your Ship

September 11-13 | Woodstock, GA | First Baptist Woodstock
TBD | San Diego, CA | English & Spanish

Level 300: The Kingdom Focused Church

November 6-8 | Woodstock, GA | First Baptist Woodstock

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Ministry Defined

  • Belief that there is no substitute for a leader with God's call.
  • Belief that church planting can have predictable results when certain elements are brought together in sufficient quantity for a sufficient period of time.
  • Belief that results matter more than activity.
  • Belief that missions is essential to the success of every church plant.
  • Belief that everything rises and falls at the point of execution and implementation.
  • Belief that adaptability and relevance to the context are essential.
  • Belief that accountability must be part of the design and not taken for granted.
  • Belief that balance is essential to the success of the new church plant.
  • Belief that discipline must be exercised to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Belief that reproduction is natural and not optional.

Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Focuses on four crucial areas necessary for the new church to be successful:
    • The Person (church planter).
    • The Place (location and context for the new church).
    • The Plan ( Development of a Business and Ministry Plan).
    • The Partnership (Engaging other Kingdom minded entities to partner together).
  • Focuses on all stages of the new church's formation and development.
  • Focuses on clear and pragmatic results based implementation.
  • Focuses on the importance of balance and discipline within the agreed upon plan.
  • Focuses on incorporating stewardship best practices to ensure strength.
  • Focuses on intentional reproduction as part of the DNA of the new church.


  • The church planter must be able to demonstrate God's call on his life for church planting.
  • The priority of missions must be a key part of the new church plant's ministry.
  • The place where the new church is being started must be an evangelically underserved area.
  • The new church plant must have a Business and Ministry Plan in place before the new church is launched and demonstrate the discipline to adhere to the plan.
  • The accountability factor is not an option but must be a high priority programmed into the church planting process.
  • The partnership support must be present to allow the church to operate within the balance outlines in the Business and Ministry Plan before the church is launched.
  • The new church is birthed with the DNA for reproduction.

Planting Process

  • God places a location on the heart of the church or a potential church planter.
  • The location is researched to determine context and culture.
  • Needs are defined to determine the cost of the new church plant from its inception until it is able to operate independently.
  • Resources and potential partners are then identified.
  • A Business Plan is developed with the pastor if he is on the scene and adopted that addresses the needs and growth results necessary to meet those needs.
  • Partnership is formed and agrees to the stipulations in the Partnership Covenant.
  • The church planting pastor is called by the sponsoring church.
  • A Ministry Plan is developed with the pastor.
  • Launch date is set.
  • New church is launched.
  • Partnership meetings ensure accountability and support throughout the growth stages of the new church plant.


We are constantly evaluating the need for classes and developing them for your church planting needs. Click here for a current class list.




Bill Agee - Director of Church Planting