Median Adult Specialty Classes

59 Weekly Classes

A directory of classes is available at all Welcome Centers.

Wellsprings - Our ongoing ministry for Adult Singles (ages 50+) featuring large group fellowhip, small group Bible study, and dynamic preaching. Come make new friends, and bring a few of your own. 11AM B-Building Basement.

Specialty Classes

Digging Deeper - Executive Pastor Jim Law//11:00AM//A250
This class will "dig deeper" into Pastor Johnny's sermons each week. Join us and bring a friend with you!

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Winter 2015 Specialty Classes

Genesis vs. Evolution // B Building, Room LL-C //11:00AM
Begins January 25th

Genesis II // Fellowship Hall H // 8:00AM
8-week class that begins February 1, 2015

Revelation II // Fellowship Hall A/B/C // 8:00AM
12-week class that begins February 1, 2015

Islam: A Biblical Perspective // Fellowship Hall J/K // 8:00AM
Class runs through May 2nd.