Median Adult Specialty Classes

59 Weekly Classes

A directory of classes is available at all Welcome Centers.

Weekly Specialty Class

Digging Deeper - Executive Pastor Jim Law//11:00AM//A250
This class will "dig deeper" into Pastor Johnny's sermons each week. Join us and bring a friend with you!

Winter 2016 Specialty Classes

A Biblical Response to Islam // 8:00AM // Fellowship Hall J/K in A-Building
The Islamic presence in America will continue to grow and the church must be prepared to face it. Let former Muslim Dr. Atif Debs teach you how. Begins January 24th.

Understanding Depression // 11:00AM // B100A/B in the B-Building
Whether you struggle with depression or support someone who does, this course will help you stand firm with a sound biblical approach. Begins January 24th.

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