Median Adult Specialty Classes

A directory of classes is available at all Connect Centers.

On Going Specialty Classes

Digging Deeper - Executive Pastor Jim Law//11:00AM//A250
This class will "dig deeper" into Pastor Johnny's sermons each week. Join us and bring a friend with you!

English Language Class
Ron O'Kelley // 9:30AM // Fellowship Hall Rooms A/B/C

Deaf Class
Billy Brumbelow // 11:00AM // Rehearsal Room 9 // W-Bldg 3rd Floor

Topical Specialty Classes

Begins January 22 at 11AM

Not The Same God
B-Building Lower Level Room E
Former Muslim, author and current FBCW Member, Dr. Atif Debs, will equip you to reason with Muslim friends so they will be drawn to the true God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ.

Genesis versus Evolution
B-Building Lower Level Room D
Creation Ministries International partner, Bob O'Donnell, guides you through a historical, scientific, cultural, and biblical study of one of today’s most controversial and misunderstood topics.

Understanding Depression
B Building Room B100 A/B
Whether personally or through family and friends, most of us have been touched by depression. Dan Coffer leads an interactive study designed to help you see the signs of this silent predator as well as sources of help for fighting back.

Make Your Faith Great Again
A-Building Fellowship Hall Room A/B/C
Based on materials from Ravi Zacharias, Tim Jackson will be leading you to develop a biblical worldview that can withstand the attacks of today's culture.

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