Median Adult Specialty Classes

59 Weekly Classes

A directory of classes is available at all Welcome Centers.

Wellsprings - Our ongoing ministry for Adult Singles (ages 50+) featuring large group fellowhip, small group Bible study, and dynamic preaching. Come make new friends, and bring a few of your own. 11AM B-Building Basement.

Specialty Classes

Digging Deeper - Executive Pastor Jim Law//11:00AM//A250
This class will "dig deeper" into Pastor Johnny's sermons each week. Join us and bring a friend with you!

Summer 2014 Specialty Classes

Ephesians: The Church, Rooted in Love, Walking in Power // Fellowship Hall A/B/C // 8AM
June 1st - August 31st

Deuteronomy: Blessing or Cursing? Life or Death? You Choose // Fellowship Hall J/K // 8AM
June 1st - August 3rd

Joshua: Conquering Your Enemies // A162 // 9:30AM
June 1st - July 27th

How To Make Choices You Won't Regret // B Building Cafe // 9:30AM
June 1st - July 13th

Hosea: A Love That Will Not Let Me Go // Fellowship Hall J/K // 11AM
June 1st - July 20th

Jonah: Where Are You Going? // Fellowship Hall J/K // 11AM
July 27th - August 10th

Judges: Driving Out Your Enemies // A162 // 9:30AM
August 3rd - September 21st

Forgivness: Breaking the Power of the Past // Fellowship Hall J/K // 8AM
August 10th - September 21st

Jude: Contend for the Faith // Fellowship Hall J/K // 11AM
August 17th - September 21st

Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days // B Building Basement // 8AM, 9:30AM & 11AM
August 17th - September 21st

Titus: Developing Character and Integrity in the Midst of a Society Which Has Lost Respect for God // Fellowship Hall A/B/C // 8AM
August 31st - September 21st

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