Imprints & Partnership Ministries

The Imprints & Partnership Ministries consist of parents and other volunteers who serve on a rotating basis. For information on how to become an Imprinter or Partner, contact Michelle Reedy.

For current Imprinters/Partners who need to contact us after Noon on Fridays, please call 678-494-2710. This is a message box that is checked early each Sunday morning.

Important updates to our Preschool Imprints/Partnership Ministries (2012)

  • Imprinters/Partners should receive the most updated version of our policies.
  • Imprinters/Partners now receive an email and postcard reminder instead of a phone call.
  • Instead of one central location, Imprinters/Partners will be asked to check-in at our iKids1 or iKids2 stations.
  • We no longer have Imprinters/Partners serving on Sunday p.m. or Wednesday p.m.
  • Updates to our Security System are in place as of 2012. The basic concept is the same as the video; however, we now use an automated check-in system that prints the child's label and security slip.
  • For definitions of child abuse and instructions on what to do if you suspect abuse, click here.

For weekly Bible stories, visit the Sunday School Teachers tab.

Imprinters/Partners, please email Michelle Reedy upon completion of watching this training video with date completed and any questions you may have.