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We are super exciting to offer a completely new way to give online here at Woodstock. Our new system is easier to navigate and allows for quick text to give options. If you are giving through our old system, we need you to take a moment and setup an account on our New Giving Page. And if you have recurring donations setup on our Old System you will need to set an end date and then set up your recurring donations on our New Giving Page, so that you will not have double donations happening. Our old system will be taken offline on October 1, 2017. Thanks so much for helping us through this transition time.

Tips for Giving

Our new system with Giving Clicks is easier to use while increasing the security for you and our ministry. Your account is automatically created when you give, and in your email receipts, you can see a link to log in to your account.

You'll see a few changes. In your account, you can manage your donations and information. To make new donations, you will use the methods below and not through your account portal.

Easy Ways to Safely Give:

1. To Give Automatically, go to our website giving page, and set up recurring giving.

2. or Text a Donation with your phone and your billing information is safely kept on file.

It's fast, easy, and safe.

Text a Donation through our app or to this number: 1-770-629-0355
The first time you text a donation, you will enter your billing information. After that, you will just enter the amount you want to give, get a confirmation back with an option to void it, and you are done.

3. For One Time or Special Gifts through our website, we're putting you in control of your private information.

We recommend you use the Google Chrome Browser for security and to fill in online forms for you. Search online for the latest settings steps to Add, Edit, or Delete a Credit Card.
Then when you are online, you will have the option to Autofill your information if your connection is secure.

These are a few necessary changes to make it easier to give, increase security, and lower the costs for our ministry.

Thank you for your participation and faithfulness!

If you need any further assistance, please contact Giving Clicks at


Giving online is quickest and most secure way to give to Woodstock. You are not limited by where you are or the day of the week. Give one-time gifts or schedule recurring donations through our NEW ONLINE GIVING page.


Give right from your smart phone or mobile device.
Go to our Mobile Giving App to give or to setup your account for the first time.

On Campus

You give by placing your gift in the offering plate as it passes during any of our Worship Services. Giving envelopes are available from one of our Guest Service team members and can be found in the back of the seats.


If you prefer you can mail a check straight to us.
The church's address is 11905 Highway 92, Woodstock, GA 30188.


For more information about giving non-traditional gifts, such as vehicles, jewelry, stocks, bonds, etc., please email our finance office director, Sherry Bearden, at