City of Refuge

Ministers in crisis often find they have no place to turn when they are hurting and discouraged, fallen, or even wounded by the very people they seek to serve. They need a safe place - a place to experience rest and healing - a place of refuge.

Several years ago Pastor Johnny Hunt was burdened by a strong desire to encourage and serve wounded and fallen men of God and their families. Pastor Johnny observed, " Christians are sometimes the worst about shooting their own wounded and then leaving them in the field to bleed to death." He wanted the Body at First Woodstock to be different. He envisioned a ministry that would enable hurting ministers and their families to find hope and healing and so the City of Refuge Ministry was born.

Our goal is to provide critical care for wounded and fallen ministers, giving them a safe and loving environment in which to rest and heal. The City of Refuge is a long-term residential program that attempts to meet the needs of the minister and his family by providing housing, childcare, counseling and small group support at no cost to the family. We offer assistance in helping the men find secular work while they are involved in the City of Refuge so that they can help support their families financially while they are healing and dealing with personal issues. Members of the church support the families in the City of Refuge by praying for them, encouraging them with gifts and times of fellowship, and loving them just as they are. Our goal for each City of Refuge participant is that they will experience the incredible healing power of intimate relationships with God and other believers. Since we believe relationships are so vital, our ministry's main focus is the restoring of key relationships in the life of the minister - a right relationship with God, self, family and the Body of Christ.

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