Church Planting School Courses

The FBCW Church Planting courses develop reproducing church plants that utilize the strength and expertise of FBCW and other partners. We are constantly evaluating the need for classes and developing them for your church planting needs.

Level 100 Course

Strength or Survival

A practical, hands-on workshop covering the following topics:

The Call, Character, and Passion
An examination of the leadership of the church planter as Pastor Johnny Hunt teaches one of his most powerful studies.

The Underserved
Places designated as the "underserved areas" will be highlighted and the need for churches in this area will be emphasized.

The Future Picture
Elements of an all-inclusive Business and Ministry Plan will be shared and each attendee will utilize their unique contextual data to design their own plan that allows them to start in strength and see the journey they are on to its conclusion.

The Importance of Partnerships
A discussion of how to identify, enlist, engage, and utilize partnerships.


Prerequisite(s): None
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$150 per person
Registration for Level 100:
Contact Bill Agee for details at
Speakers: Dr. Bill Agee, Dr. Jeremy Westbrook, Dr. Monty Patton

Level 200 Course


A practical, hands-on workshop covering the following topics:

Pure Leadership
An examination of the heart of the church planter and the dangers of not having a pure heart.

Failure to Trust
Discerning the church planter's ability to develop the needed infrastructure and protocols that allow him to trust others with responsibility and authority so he can give his ministry away.

Family and Finances
Dealing with the unique pressures that church planters face in the areas of family and finances.

Facing Fatal Legal Issues Before They Happen
From the basics of when new churches can take an offering, filing Articles of incorporation, and other key issues to the very serious legal issues that can destroy a new church in a heartbeat.

Following Through with the Implementation of the Vision
The church planter will be challenged to filter his plans through the prism of the original vision.


Prerequisite(s): None.
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$150 per person
Registration Level 200: Contact Bill Agee for details at
Speakers: Dr. Bill Agee, Troy Haas, Steven Lewis

Level 300 Course

The Kingdom Focused Church

The third session of the First Baptist Church Woodstock Church Planting School will cover the "Kingdom Focused Church". Every pastor and church planter wants his church to grow up and ultimately reproduce with a Kingdom mindset and Kingdom minded churches. In this third installment of the Church Planting School the pastor and church planter will be exposed to the issues they will face as the church matures and takes on greater responsibility for its own community but also for the world.

The first session will cover how the church begins to establish a "Kingdom Mindset".

What the church thinks about the work of the Kingdom will have a dramatic affect on what the church actually does. Without a Kingdom Mindset systems and structures will be of little value.

The next session will address the issues of "Developing Long-term Partnerships" and "Finding Your Church's Sweet Spot...that unique quality that sets you apart from all others".

The Last sessions will cover "Reproducing Kingdom Minded Churches".

The process of starting a new church can be overwhelming but it need not be. In these sessions the topics of the "when", "where", "who", "how much" will be examined. Processes will be introduced and shared as well as questions being answered.


Prerequisite(s): None. All churches and church plants may register. If you have questions, please contact Bill Agee for more information.
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$150 per person
Speakers: Dr. Bill Agee, Chip Riggs, Randy Chestnut




Bill Agee - Director of Church Planting