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What a great opportunity for children to hide God's Word in their heart!

Bible Drill is open to all 3rd-5th graders. The program is designed to help children increase their knowledge and use of the Bible. Children learn the books of the Bible in order, how to quickly locate each book, where to find key passages in the Bible, and memorize twenty-five scriptures.

Lessons and practices for Bible Drill will take place each Sunday morning, January to April. These classes will be held at the 8:00AM, 9:30AM, and 11:00AM Sunday School hour.
Classes begin Sunday, January 5th in A210.

Drills will be held in March and April at three levels: church, associational, and state.


Tips for Parents

Bible Drill is an intense program. Being successful requires parent encouragement and help. Be proactive in working with your child on the weekly memorization schedule.

Work on Books of the Bible and Key passages while driving in the car or on a trip. Spend a few minutes each night quizzing your child by using the scripture card.

Make learning fun, rewarding verses learned.

Please volunteer to help out in your child's Bible Drill Class.

2014 Children's Bible Drill Verses
2014 Bible Drill Teaching Schedule

What is Childrenā€™s Bible Drill?

It is a program designed to help motivate children to want to increase their knowledge of the Bible.

Who can participate?

Any third, fourth, fifth grader.

How does a child increase his/her knowledge of the Bible?

By attending Bible Drill class at any one of the Sunday School hours (8:00AM, 9:30AM, or 11:00AM). Class is held in room A210. Classes are each Sunday, January through April.

What is taught in Bible Drill class?

The names and locations of all the books of the Bible, ten key passages and their locations, and twenty-five scriptures.

When are the drills?

Drills will be held in March and April at three levels: church, associational, and state.

The church drill will take place during the Bible Drill class in late March. If a child correctly responds to twelve out of twenty-four possible calls, he/she moves on to the next drill.

The next level is the association drill which will take placeĀ in April, here at FBCW. Children who pass the Associational drill with sixteen out of twenty-four calls, move on to the state drill.

The state drill will be held at Tabernacle Baptist Church of Cartersville in late April. Twenty out of twenty-four calls must be correctly answered to pass at the state level.

If a child attends Bible Drill class, does he/she have to participate in the drills?

No. Some children desire to learn the material, while they are not comfortable participating in the official drills.

Does my child need a specific Bible?

Official Bibles are provided for use in the drills. If your child wishes to have a copy of the same kind of Bible for practicing with at home, some are available for purchase from the Bible Drill teachers for $10.00

How does one sign up for Bible Drill?

Register online at or by contacting Debbie Powell in the Elementary Office at 678-494-2844 or, or come to room A210 on Sunday morning, January 5th.

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