CARE-ing Christmas

There are hundreds of children who live in Cherokee County that do not get to celebrate what most Americans consider a traditional Christmas. Parents who are experiencing hard times financially worry that this year they have no resources to place a gift under the Christmas tree for their kids, or to participate in a variety of Christmas activity’s such as parties and pageants.


Beginning in early November, cards with names of children and their "wish list" will be available in the Grand Foyer and the Chapel Foyer. The card will give you a specific toy item and a clothing item (sizes included) that you may purchase to make Christ’s birthday special for “your” child. Return unwrapped gifts in a plastic bag or gift bag [with "your" child's card and code number attached] to the Care Ministries in B Building, the Current Event Counter in the Grand Foyer or to the Library in the Chapel Foyer.

In mid-December, the CARE Ministry will host a Christmas party to fill this need. Christmas music and a kid-friendly program begins in the afternoon followed by the presentation of the Christmas story. A sea of excited children and their parents will then go to pick up donated gifts. They will take the Christmas presents home to be placed under the tree, awaiting that special day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – the One who gave us the greatest gift of all.

Requests are made through the CARE office by calling 678-494-2692.
Spanish Christmas Line - 678-494-2641.


Financial Counseling


Parr Pinkard, CARE Director - 678-494-2690
Jenny Melton, CARE Associate - 678-494-2691